Amanda Costello

Amanda Costello

Hello! Iā€™m a content strategist, editor, and speaker in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I enjoy filling out forms because it feels like taking a test where I know all the answers.


Over the last ten years, I've worked with teams big and small to encourage collaboration and empathy. Honesty, humor, and a genuine excitement for unsnarling the most tangled situations guide my work on projects and presentations.

I'm an award-winning speaker and facilitator, helping groups from 10 to 1,000 gain a better understanding of the importance of good content and collaborative work. Attendees at my talks and workshops regularly cite renewed confidence in themselves to craft lasting change, both personal and professional.

My work as a content strategist at the University of Minnesota connects closely with my values of building knowledge, teaching knowledge, and giving knowledge away to make the world amazing. 

I seriously enjoy:

  • Understanding the people behind the content.
  • Aligning user needs and institutional goals (and figuring out what they are in the first place!).
  • Empowering everyone to take an active role in making the web better. 
  • Creating connections, especially in large and complex systems.
  • Vanilla lattes and BBQ ribs. Not together, though. I'm not a monster.

Upcoming talks and workshops

Would you like to see your event on this list, or have me in-house for customized learning? Hooray! Check out my talks and workshops, or be in touch a custom presentation.